CEDAR TRANSLOAD is the ultimate, simplified solution for tracking palletized and bulk rail freight, providing shippers with real time tracking and transloaders with infinite billing flexibility. Whether it's complicated daily storage fees, dilution charges, or unload fees, we can help you ditch the spreadsheet and melt your back office hours.

Spend less time on the computer auditing invoices and embrace automation. Reclaim those hours making big lifts, being out on the water, and spending time with family.

Our transaction based fee model charges you only when you make money - if business slows, don't get eaten alive by software fees.

integrated inventory across modes

Automated Product Ingestion.

CEDAR TRANSLOAD makes it easy to ingest external data to eliminate data entry. Leverage railroad EDI data to automate the ingestion of new inbounds. Shipper ERP feeds eliminate the need for manifest emails. Finally, Cedar's mobile-phone based scanning app can ingest virtually any product label into your system, allowing your customers to track their product by their own internal identifiers. For inbound truck shipments, our minimal in-gate process takes seconds.

LEVERAGE YOUR mOBILE PHONE to avoid new purchases

Scan new product by scanning with mobile

Most commodities ship with either a QR or UPC code - when you are unloading inventory off a car, or organizing a truckload to be sent off, scan the codes to create records in your system.

No QR codes? You can use your phone's camera to pick out text on the package using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), instead of typing literally everything into a form.

By being phone-first, we can ditch the expensive, clunky scanners and leverage a free, more flexible solution.

All about the benjamins

Fully automated invoicing, end to end.

Infinitely flexible revenue system allows you to charge by virtually any product attribute over any time horizon. Generate invoices that you can print and email directly to clients, or go completely hands-free and enable completely automated invoicing with quickbooks integration.

Remove 'scanning' and 'faxing' from your day, and kick your feet up a few hours early. Our job is to save you time from repetitive office work, so that you can focus on finding ways to grow your business.

Select Features

No Commodity Limitations

Organize your inventory however your customers ship them. Do you receive 30 different lengths and configurations of lumber? No problem. Half-pallet tracking? Easy.

Electronic Bill of Ladings

When organizing your truckloads, have detailed breakdowns of the weight, unique shipper identifiers, and any other relevant attributes on the shipping manifests you need to give to truck drivers & to your consignees. Tired of paper? Go completely electronic.

EDI Integration

Receive shipments by rail? CEDAR TRANSLOAD will give you advance notice & shipment information through integration with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the communication protocol the railroads use to share shipment information.

Mobile App Scanning

Use your phone camera to scan the UPC labels or QR codes on the items you receive and ship, to simplify the time it takes to organize your inbound and outbound shipments.

Warehouse Management

Store inventory in lots or sections of your storage space that you designate. Have a specific area for aluminum, and another for steel? Our system will reflect your warehouse configuration.

Visual Warehouse Map

Create a digital map of your terminal, and hover over the lots to see aggregated inventory metrics. Drag and drop from one lot to another, or to a truck, to create BOLs, finance charges and paperwork to print.

Fast UX

Fast, responsive system allows you to get in and get out. Optimized data entry allows for as few key strokes as possible when it's unavoidable.

Software API

Have a big shipper with programmers or want to dabble yourself? Leverage our API to build your own custom apps and integrations.


Fully Integrated Tableau allows you to create virtually any dashboard and schedule any type of report.


Automated inventory syncing

Significantly lower the cost of tracking inventory with real-time movement data generated by the system and downstream automation.

Risk management

Lower incident rate by providing alerts when potential danger is detected.

Eagle-eye view

All movements of equipment and humans are tracked, analyzed, and surfaced on a continuous and real-time basis

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