Automated Storage Network

Automated rail car storage.

The Automated Storage Network connects fleet managers instantly with storage capacity through advanced technology. With real-time mapping and the use of industry files, we enable storage providers to market available capacity and other complimentary services - transload, repair, cleanout, etc.


End to End Fleet Management

Today fleet managers spend a significant amount of time finding storage locations, negotiating rates and sending cars to storage. Day to day, this this is done by phone calls and emails. With ASN, fleet managers focus on optimizing fleets. The storage needs are managed with the click of a button.

the solution

AI-powered planning process

ASN finds the best storage solution for the fleet and the needs of the customer. It considers the location and ancillary services needed for the cars going into storage and matches them with the best location. The solution works for both loaded and empty fleets allowing fleet managers more time to focus on optimizing their fleet.


Automated matching to desired location

Significantly lower the time to find the right storage solution for your rail car fleet.

Ancillary service match

ASN also contains information to match storage to other services such as Transload, Cleaning, Repairs, etc.

Quick and easy billing into and out of storage

Lower your total storage rate by finding the best possible solution.


A single source of truth

Serves as a single source of truth as users move, load, unload, and manipulate cars.

Electronic data interchange

Provides electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality for communicating with connecting railroads.

AI-powered workflows

Automates the handling of inbound traffic and billing of a railroad's customers through the use of AI-powered workflows.

Shipper portal

Provides a railroad's customers with a powerful shipper portal to order in cars and provision other railroad services.


Extends beyond inventory management to integrate with other Cedar systems, including our OptiSwitch yard classification system.

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